DANCE/MOVEMENT: Taught by Roberto Martinez of Christian Rizzo’s d’aprés une histoire vraie, this workshop will revisit some extracts of the piece that test the body’s various substances and qualities. We will take time to investigate, interrogate, and appropriate them using a variety of compositional devices as well as collaborative writing. Participants will not only discover how to navigate the material from the performance’s choreography, but individually interpret, play, and improvise with it. Capacity: 20 participants

About Workshops: TBA workshops are a rare opportunity for Portlanders and visitors alike to work with artists from around the world. All workshops take place at Studio 2 inside New Expressive Works and are $15 general or $12 member, unless otherwise noted. Workshops are included in all levels of TBA pass but pre-registration is required via email at [email protected] or by phone at 503-224-PICA.