Here was a deeply intellectual experience of consciousness conveyed through physicality. Across the synapses between sensation and thought, the animal and the human, the ecological and illogical, the participants in Super Nature roared, howled, tingled, and leapt, flinging themselves over to feel out the distance and, for a moment, close the gap between the animal spirits and what it means to act naturally. —

BodyCartography Project’s Super Nature is an intimate performance installation for an audience of one in intervals of up to twenty minutes. One person encounters one performer and has a kinesthetic interaction. Both performer and audience have agency to transform the energy of the space through behavior, sensory response, proximity, and interaction. The result is distinct singular movement-based performances that range from the sublimely subtle to the grand. Super Nature endeavors to choreograph empathy by provoking an audience’s visceral response over the need to immediately make narrative meaning.

Super Nature runs 12:00 – 06:00 PM.
One audience participant every 15 minutes. No reservations required.

Selected Videos:

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