Bring warm clothes, good walking shoes, a drink or snack, and your own transportation (a bike, car, bus fare) 

For TBA:08, Brother and Sister have organized an all ages, all day scavenger hunt that will take you on a wild ride throughout the city of Portland. Be prepared to traverse the city high and low, decode clues, and experience a range of bands in unexpected, surreal settings. Past events have included performances at a recently abandoned county jail, the altar of a church, a downtown YWCA indoor pool, art galleries, rooftops, hotel rooms, schools, picnic shelters and under highway overpasses.

After the frenetic hunt, the sibling duo will land at THE WORKS, where they will perform their own music described as “part White Stripes, part Whitesnake and part white noise.” Using custom guitars and wearing pants as tight as their beats, Brother and Sister help end the Festival with a joyous noise.