Closing night at THE WORKS lights up the sky with an explosion of a million stars. Enter the sensorial and phantasmagoric world of Evelyn.

Meet Evelyn.
Evelyn is a feeling…
The feeling that you get when you step out into the electric night air for a night on the town.
Evelyn is the flutter in your stomach when you witness something daring.
Evelyn is the encore and the applause.
She’s the invite to the after-party.
Evelyn is that smile on your face when you make eyes from across the room.
It’s the magnetic field that pulls you under the lights and urges your body to move to the rhythm. To live.
Evelyn is a disco ball. A stage. A night. A kiss. An Installation. A muse. A revelation. A crush. A runway. An escape. A dance floor. The spark that ignites your imagination and carries you onward to break the dawn.

Chanticleer Trü brings his flair for the underground to TBA with this interactive experience. The world premiere of Evelyn is a channel for pure self-expression. Equal parts nightclub and art installation, party goers are encouraged to dress for the occasion and become part of the work. This experience, reminiscent of legendary clubs such as Paradise Garage, will engage partygoers to participate without limitation. Evelyn Champagne King, the namesake of this blowout, would feel right at home.