Referencing the psychedelic light shows of the ’60s and ’70s as well as the harsh noise performances of contemporary avant-garde rebels like Bruce McClure, the Cinema Project collective, along with Portland-based musician Matt Carlson and friends, will create a momentary light and sound environment—a temporary dynamic installation in which to immerse audience members both wandering and still. Several 16mm projectors will run simultaneously and light beams will appear in the round. Moving images of man, woman, animal, landscape, or simply sheer color and light from analog loops and reels will overlap and penetrate one another, covering any and all surfaces possible, and manipulated live by human hands. The mechanics of cinematic experience will be laid bare and at times it will be very very loud.

Cinema Project is a collectively run, non-profit organization based in Portland, Oregon, that works to promote public awareness of avant-garde cinema from the past and present. For 13 years, Cinema Project has attempted to push boundaries with thoughtful and evocative curatorial selections and in doing so has featured artists, curators, and scholars from around the world with the intent to broaden public engagement with, and deepen critical understanding of, innovative experimental film and video art. The Cinema Project collective is also made up of people and they are Heather Lane, Mia Ferm, Michael McManus, and Melinda Kowalska.