Co-presented with Northwest Film Center.

Special Event : Jon Raymond and James Yu record live commentary with interjections from cast members and special guests on September 5th.

Chaotic, challenging, and absent of marketable aesthetic, Crock premiered in 1996 and promptly sank into obscurity. Filmed with Hi-8 cameras and edited at Portland Cable Access, this feature-length video stars artists and musicians from Portland’s 90s indie scene. Inspired by the French Foreign Legion comic strip of the same name, Crock is a messy and doomed counterpoint to the boosterism and cosmopolitan ethos that eventually altered the city’s character.

Somewhere in North Africa, revolutionary Pretty Boy enlists the aid of Legionnaire Maggot to steal the iron fist of Commandant Vermin P. Crock. Meanwhile, Pretty Boy’s sister Flossie plots her own overthrow of the colonial regime with the help of her all-womyn militia.

The movie shares characteristics with a genre of no-budget, underground films, and gestures toward conceptual art as initiated by artists including Hans Haake and Raymond Pettibon. Over a decade later, the film continues to vex audiences with its weirdly puritan perversity and disregard for cinematic conventions. Celebrating the film’s thirteenth anniversary, PICA brings together the filmmakers and cast members for another look at this odyssey of insurrectionary filmmaking.