Part of THEMSELVES curated by Kristan Kennedy

cvllerjerx (angelica maria millan lozano, maximiliano carlos – raphael francisco martinez) exclaim “nothing is civilized anymore. esta noche the kids get loud! they’re not going to bed early tonight. ART AS BRAT through clothes, poetry, performance and dance.”” As resident artists within the festival the collaborators will interrogate and celebrate the spaces art and audiences inhabit while exploring the value of collective and absurd outbursts en un mundx locx.

“cvllejerx” is an inclusive, de-gendered word for ‘street people’ in spanish. As a collective cvllejerx strives to subvert heteronormative capitalist patriarchy through upcycling. The artists describe their collaboration as “the product of multicultural in-betweenness as second generation immigrants and the violent colonization and subsequent diaspora of colombia, mexico, and africa, while dealing with the mestizx and black experiences in America.” They call out the specifically charged site for their actions “cvllerjerx” was born in the whitest city in america, Portland, a place with deep-seated white supremacist roots. With this and other historical and contemporary circumstances in mind, cvllerjerx reclaims space as a form of resistance.”