“An homage to spirits that come alive in Lee’s hand gestures, costumes and leaps… It’s impossible to take your eyes off her.”—SF Weekly

Dohee Lee’s one-woman solo performance, MU/巫, utilizes cutting-edge wireless sensors to control technology and seamlessly integrate sound, film and animation with her exquisite live performance of dance, singing, and percussion. The meaning of MU/巫in Korean is “shaman.” Shaman is connector. The thread of connection is myth. Myth connects us to our lands, nature, history, belief systems, and to each other. Myth connects us through time and space. From our homelands to new lands. From ancestor time to the present. Shining a light on how we may continue to the future.

Dohee Lee (creator/artistic director) weaves her multiple virtuosities in drumming, dancing, and singing into ritualized theatrical creations. Born on Jeju Island, Korea, she trained at the master level in music and dance traditions rooted in Korean shamanism.

In 1998, Dohee moved to Oakland, CA to create a new art form and has since developed into a genre-defying composer, choreographer and performer. In addition to her own creations, which have been commissioned and presented by Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, CounterPULSE and East Side Arts Alliance, she has collaborated with Anna Halprin, Kronos Quartet, Amara Tabor Smith, inkBoat, Degenerate Art Ensemble, Larry Ochs, Rova Quartet, Donald Swearingen, Pauchi Sasaki and many others.

Founded in 2014, Dohee Lee Puri Arts (DLPA) is the producing organization of performance artist, Dohee Lee. Our mission is to create and tour multi-disciplinary performance rituals under the direction of Dohee Lee. We utilize art to heal fractured relationships in the urban environment – relationships between humans and the land and between individuals and their communities. We say “performance ritual” because Dohee’s work arises from her intensive training in the practices of mudang (Korean shamanism). This tradition combines singing, dancing, drumming, costuming into communal village healing gatherings. DLPA applies this ancient, indigenous approach to community healing to our urban village of the Bay Area, updated with modern tools of multi-disciplinary immersive art. Since her arrival in the US in 2002, Dohee Lee (Artistic Director) has been a vital contributor to both the traditional and contemporary arts landscape of the Bay Area, working with Kronos Quartet, Degenerate Art Ensemble, Anna Halprin, Amara Tabor Smith, inkBoat, Kunst-Stoff Dance. Recent awards: 2016 Alpert Prize, Music; 2016 Rainin Grant; Korean Americans for Peace, 2016 Korean American Peace Award; 2015 CCI; 2015 Doris Duke Impact, Theater; 2015 Gerbode, Choreographer; 2015 Ucross Residency; 2014 Djerassi Residency; 2014 William and Flora Hewlett Honorary Fellowship; 2013 East Bay Community Foundation; 2013 Creative Capital; 2013 MAP.