Don’t miss our final film screening in conjunction with our exhibitions Delta and Doomtown. We’re closing this series with short films by iconoclastic provocateur and performance artist Kembra Pfahler presented by Dirty Looks!

We’re Showing:

Kembra Pfahler, Cowboy Stories
Kembra Pfahler, Cornella; The Story of a Burning Bush
Kembra Pfahler, Blade Runner Song
Steven Doughton, Mr. Twilight
Richard Kern, Sewing Circle
Mike Kuchar, Blue Banshee
Annie Sprinkle, Amazing World Of… (excerpt)
Steven Doughton, Ferrum 5000
Simeon Soffer, Chopsley: Rabid Bikini Model
IFC TV, I Believe in Halloween
Kembra Pfahler, Trilogy of Teri
Kembra Pfahler, Solider of Female