Hope for the drum circle! Digital beats, pounding drums and singular and collective voices come together in this suite of acts featuring drummers and dancers, performers and percussionists.

Jane Paik (Janet Pants, Festa L’Animale) charters dancers and musicians to amalgamate drum kits, guitars, and dance into a performance that pushes the audience to consider what a dancer is beyond movement and what a musician is beyond sound.

Musicians Tara Jane ONeil and Marisa Anderson will introduce a harmonic interval by which six drummers will navigate a temporal sonic architecture, cycling through a system of movement and directed sound.

Portland–based artist and musician Claudia Meza will join Portland Taiko and ASSS on a sound piece with voice and electronic instruments. Expect rhythmic textures, vibrant echoes, and lots and lots of drumming.

Ronnie Bass will perform The Astronomer, Part 1: Departure From Shed, a musical work that relates a narrative about an astronomer, his assistant, and a man under a blanket overcoming his fears. German pop singer Gandalf Gavan will open, accompanied by Bass, his producer.

With awe and envy for the power of drummers, Sarah Johnson will work with real men who have real talent to make some noise.