“The Black Cat Orchestra succeeded in creating what can only be described as a dream cabaret, pulling elements of klezmer and gypsy music out of the foggy seaside air, inciting audience members to dance slowly and jerkily like puppets.” – The Stranger

“Romantic, yet sleazy.” – David Byrne

Members from Seattle’s Black Cat Orchestra (Kyle Hanson and Lori Goldston) and Vodvil Theatre (Curtis Taylor, Eve Cohen) band together to perform an opera for objects on the small stage. Written by Stacey Levine, the libretto is based on Russian and Quileute accounts of capture and struggle on the Washington coast. With wit and irreverent charm the Hinterland Theater Association brings an unprecedented delight, a miniature bit of genius that will enthrall audiences of all ages.

Stacey Levine is a poet and free-lance writer in Seattle. Her books include My Horse and Other Stories, which garnered her the 1994 PEN/West Fiction Award, and Dra—, both published by Sun & Moon Press in Los Angeles. Other collaborations with the Black Cat Orchestra include The Post Office, a radio play that she wrote and directed in 1995, about a narcissistic postal employee, a whining customer, and matters of the human heart.

Formed in Seattle in 1991, the Black Cat Orchestra has a repertoire that spans a wide range of styles, including music from Eastern Europe, Latin America and Asia as well as their own original songs. In addition to playing in concerts, clubs, and at private parties, the Orchestra often performs original scores to silent films, and busily works on collaborations and their own recording projects. Black Cat Orchestra has appeared on National Public Radio’s This American Life, on David Byrne’s album Feelings, and has recorded original music for a dance piece by Seattle’s 33 Fainting Spells.


Production designers Eve Cohen and Curtis Taylor create sets, costumes and characters for the Vodvil Theatre, among their other projects. Cohen is a visual artist, costume designer and founding member of the dance-theatre troupe the Rollvulvas. Her work has been shown in Seattle at Esther Claypool, Linda Ferris, and the King County Art Gallery. Taylor uses the mannered theatrical languages of ballet, stage magic, opera and dramatic oration to create original works such as Abstract Change Pleasure (puppets and objects on the topic of American poetry), ROME (a cabaret for the post WTO-bull market), and Sea-Saw (a dreamplay about the early 20th Century timber industry).

Venue generously provided by BodyVox