you can take the art out of the internet, but can you ever take the internet out of the art? can I take the internet out of myself? you can put this girl IRL in front of you but will the image line up outside how your online identity aligns with hers? We arrived on the cusp, in the post-early days, after the tough stuff had been worked out. It all happened so fast – I cannot pinpoint or screenshot the moment when I Saw The Art but it was so early on, age 12, 8 bit. Then I wanted more. Do you remember? We met online, we have never met. are you who you say you are?

i want to know when we started noticing, when we realized, when we Became net artists, internet aware, post-internet, when we stabbed at making and when we finally pwnd understanding and maybe when we found ourselves in the thick of it, disconnected ONLINE

what new world web ties us together? what AFK sensibilities? can I capture any essence of It, the past few years, my recent memory cache? before our hard drive fails and all of these screenshots float off into the Cloud.