SQUART! says “Get your ass on stage, be spontaneous, short-circuit the forces of habit and expectation in the face of the dominant order, celebrate this space of not knowing to make something strange together!” —Jeremy Wade, SQUART! Berlin Celebrity Judge, 2014

Instigated as a DIY project by San Francisco performance-maker, Larry/Laura Arrington, SQUART! (Spontaneous Queer Art) gathers performers to create work in a few short hours framed through the usurped imitation of a reality TV show. An open call is made, folks sign-up, those folks/performers/artists show up a few hours before the show, are divided into random teams, given a list of criteria and a few hours to make a piece. That work is then performed for an audience and judged by a team of “celebrity” judges. SQUART! is wild and fun and strange and invites EVERYONE to get in and participate. Register to perform or just come to watch the madness!

Wanna participate as a performer/artist (self-define folks!) email [email protected]  (please include your name, email, phone number). We’ll you send you all the deets.