Are we on our way to becoming a single-sex species? In Preparation for the Obsolescence, Ellsworth considers the possibility, building on her body of jubilantly absurd yet pragmatically minded work. – Siobhan Burkejan, The New York Times

Preparation for the Obsolescence of the Y Chromosome attempts to prepare for the end of men. Simultaneously committed to conservation and archival efforts, Preparation for the Obsolescence works in the tradition of ethnomusicologist Alan Lomax and the performative lecture / demonstration format. Utilizing absurdist humor, web technology, a male gaze simulator, choreography, token cultural gestures, and MIT data points, this work both combats and stirs rumors about the implications of the Y chromosome’s reputed demise.

Preparation for the Obsolescence of the Y Chromosome was commissioned by MCA Denver’s Feminism + Co, EcoArts Connections, and Boulder Arts Commission and the University of Colorado Boulder.