No No Soliciting will feature several of Portland’s most talented and respected musicians and songwriters performing songs specifically written for the event. Each songwriter will take several different directives from the audience regarding form, key, tempo, melody, instrumentation, and lyrical content to compose a song in 15 minutes. Once the song is written, they will return to the ensemble, walk the band and audience through the composition, and then perform the song while the following songwriter is composing the next song.


  • Kelly Pratt (Beirut, David Byrne ⁄ St. Vincent) — keyboard, horns
  • Dave Depper (Death Cab for Cutie) — guitar ⁄ bass
  • Erika Anderson (EMA) — keys
  • Holcombe Waller (Requiem Mass: LGBT ⁄ Working Title, TBA:15) — various instruments
  • Johanna Kunin (Thao and the Get Down Stay Down) — various instruments
  • Matt Sheehy (Lost Lander, El Vy) — guitar ⁄ bass
  • Dana Buoy (Akron ⁄ Family) — drums
  • Brent Knopf (Ramona Falls, El Vy) — guitar ⁄ keyboard