Video and performance artist Peter Burr presents a live television show featuring 18 short animations from underground video label Cartune Xprez and original music by Lucky Dragons and Seabat. Inspired by Andrei Tarkovsky’s 1971 film Stalker, SPECIAL EFFECT takes a journey to “The Zone,” an off-limits place of hope and possibility rumored to make one’s deepest desires come true. With laser beams, green screens, and a live webcam, Burr acts as our guide and TV host, collaging live happening with animated experience.

Somewhere in the murky recesses of childhood memories—of Sunday-morning television, mounds of improbably coloured junk food, and inane addictive jingles—lurks Peter Burr, a tech-gnostic agent. His mission: to subjugate the innerspace, chock open the escape hatch, and enable the immoderate two-way flow of synthesised realities. Burr’s green-screen dream is yours too. A television is broadcasting from within you as you watch it; a boiling, aberrant, hysterical fusion of mind and matter, technology and cultural form. Confronting the malaise of too much television, Burr’s diagnosis is also his prescription: more of the same!



A visitor walks on the beach at night. Bioluminescent nano-bots illuminate the pathway. The sand, ocean and dunes form an integrated circuit. An electric wind courses through the fleshy exoskeleton. Nightscape Navigator is a ritual: Mind manifested ‘glyphs are warped to reveal the shape of sentience.

Live mutant techno, drobo, and spa-core performed by E*Rock with visuals by Dane Overton, two digital hustlers who live and operate within the Portland, OR region.