Rinde Eckert has been writing, composing, performing, and directing evocative and haunting performance pieces and plays that have pushed at the edges of recognized theatrical form since the early 1980s. My Fools: A Life in Song combines song, dramatic monologues, lecture, and video from his archive. Beginning with a montage of visually striking moments from his shows across the decades, My Fools is a series of variations on a smart, slightly cock-eyed Everyman who begins his journey with a pure sense of mission and descends into the maelstrom.

The multi-talented Rinde Eckert is an acclaimed performer, director, writer, composer, librettist, and musician whose virtuosic command of gesture, language, and song takes this total theatre artist beyond the traditional boundaries of what a ‘play,’ a ‘dance piece,’ an ‘opera,’ or a ‘musical’ might be. Eckert creates solo work, chamber pieces and through-composed operas with larger casts in collaborations with choreographers, composers, directors, and new music ensembles. His Opera/New Music Theatre productions have toured throughout the U.S. and to major European and Asian festivals. Current theater and music projects in which he performs include My Lai with the Kronos Quartet; The Aging Magician with Paola Prestini and Beth Morrison Productions; and Five Beasts with composer/performer Ned Rothenberg and beat box artist Adam Matta. Among his many awards, Rinde Eckert was the 2007 finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in Drama.

Run time: 50 min