Get a glimpse of the Portland dance scene in this afternoon of two works by local choreographers.

Luke Gutgsell’s The Self Possessed presents two gay men working to integrate their shared identity and in the process invoke quasi-mystical states of transcendence. Slipping in and out of gendered states to the beat of 80’s house and pop diva hymns, they exorcise demons of mainstream media and crumble each others’ defenses with humor and kindness in an effort to destabilize dominant mores of normalcy.

In Leading Light, Suniti Dernovsek works with musician Holland Andrews to create a gorgeously haunting reflection on personal stories and the performer’s role in expressing an ideal versus what is flawed. Leading Light investigates inner stories and the art of presentation. Intricately detailed choreography and an original sound score blend to create a distinctly stylized and powerful experience. Leading Light is a work-in-progress.

These performances are part of the TBA Festival Flight: Local Legacies & Landscapes2015 marks 20 years of PICA. Join us to reflect on our current context, and shifts in the local landscape, with a focus on how to continue nurturing thought-provoking contemporary art in Portland and ensure that our artists thrive.

The Self Possessed was supported by the N.E.W residency program at Studio 2.
Leading Light was also supported by the N.E.W residency program at Studio 2 and a grant from RACC.