“A true original.” —Pitchfork

The Blow returns to TBA in its new collaborative incarnation between founder Khaela Maricich and conceptual/installation artist Melissa Dyne. The duo has spent several years on a pop odyssey while recording the long-fabled new Blow album, investigating the deepest corners of pop music, performance art, and the slippage between the two. Using live sampling, The Blow reconfigure their songs into something new, creating a platform for improvisation that honors the heartbeat of the music and challenges our expectations of live performance. WE PUT IT TOGETHER SO WE COULD TAKE IT APART is a salute to the void and the thrill of throwing pieces of oneself out into it.

Selected Press

The Blow: ‘Putting together and taking apart’ a new record and performance at TBA:13,” Chris Young, Oregon Music News, September 6, 2013.