Initiated by Srijon Chowdhury

Utopian Visions Art Fair (UVAF) is a platform for artists, gallerists, and curators to present projects that are speculative and working towards possible futures.

Art fairs allow transparency for conversations around the art world’s reliance on capitalist systems—how do we free art from a system that both gives art its value but also makes it powerless? These are the types of dialogues that UVAF will explore, while presenting dozens of artists projects in an intimate setting.

UVAF is a project that centers accessibility and community at its heart—all are encouraged to attend, think, and learn together.


Institute for New Connotative Action with:
– Martha Rosler, Aeron Bergman and Alejandra Salinas, Joshua Hughes
John Riepenhoff Experience presents Brookhart Jonquil
Carmen Winant
Alice Konitz
Conversations curated and hosted by Asha Bukojemsky
Institute for Interspecies Art and Relations with:
– Aidan Koch, Shawn Creeden, Lisa Schonberg, Mixed Needs
The Institute for Queer Ecology with:
– POSADAS (Pablo Herza + Ignacio Hernández Murillo)
Private Places with:
– M. Page Greene
manuel arturo abreu
u: Curated by Ana Iwataki and 
Marion Vasseur Raluy with:
– Kim Farkas, Alix Ferrand, Anna-Lisa Hölger, Hanna Hur and Michael Kennedy Costa,
Lila de Magalhaes and Harley Hollenstein, Benjamin Reiss, Brittany Shepherd, Naoki Sutter-Shudo
Et Al with:
– Laurie Reid and Cybele Lyle
Chicken Coop Contemporary with:
– Arnar Asgeirsson
Williamson | Knight with:
– maximiliano
2727 California Street
Victor Maldonado with:
– Laura Medina, Marie Connor, Vanessa Englund, Julian Adoff
Nicolo Gentile & Sam Williams
Lundgren Gallery with:
– Christopher Richmond
OV Project Space with:
– Cat Ross
Pegasus Project
Garden with:
– Genevieve Belleveau & Themba Alleyne, Sarah Rosalena Brady, Sarah McMenimen,
Lindsey A. Schulz, and Kyle Welker
Keith J Varadi with:
– Joshua Bienko, Naomi Fry, Jeremy Jansen, and Joe Sola
Derek Franklin
Emma Courtney Cook and Lexie Smith
Midori Hirose & Mia Ferm with:
– Sam Hamilton, Ben Glas, Daniel Menche, Shannon Kerrigan, Nick Bindeman & Danny Sasaki
Lucy Chinen curated by Jesse Stecklow
Tropical Contemporary
Good Weather with:
– Layet Johnson
Demian DinéYazhi’
UPFOR with:
Morehshin Allahyari

Utopian Visions Art Fair is supported by the Regional Arts and Culture Council and Pegasus Project.