There was a time when classical music didn’t automatically mean white collar and music spoke to audiences on an intuitive level. There was a time before over-refinement and intellectualism drove audiences away from concert halls. There was a time when classical music was pop music.

How did we end up where we are today with music often too brilliant for most people to understand and ticket prices too high for most people’s wallets? How has this affected the development of music and its audiences? Should music be a commodity or a gift? Is it feasible to bring new audiences to concert halls – to bring chamber music back to the people? Are we fulfilling job descriptions or responsibilities as artists?

This workshop will attempt to find answers to these and other questions in a conversation, discussion, and exploration of the role of chamber music in our time.

All levels

Brede Rorstad: Music Population Orchestra
Thurs . Sept 07 . 8 pm
Free opening night performance at the Works