PNCA Art History Professor, Isaac Peterson, leads a two day crash course in visual art criticism designed for anyone with an interest in writing and contemporary art. Isaac Peterson adapts his unique teaching method to the workshop context, encouraging everyone to observe art with new perspectives and write (or talk) about art with confidence and originality. The two ninety minute sessions include a visit to TBA Visual Art Exhibitions, Group discussion lead by Peterson, and a collaborative piece of critical writing which will be posted on PICA’s TBA Blog. The provocative ideas generated by this workshop will in turn serve as a jumping off point for further exploration and dialogue between workshop participants and other visitors to TBA’s visual art exhibitions.

Note: Please plan on attending both sessions.

Isaac Peterson is an artist and freelance writer from Juneau, Alaska. He has recently completed his Masters in Fine Art at the University of Cincinnati. In addition to being a professor at Pacific Northwest College of Art, he is a contributing writer to the Portland-based art blog PORT (, and a frequent contributor to Artweek magazine.