Meticulously adapted from David Morrell’s First Blood, which introduced the world to Rambo and his one-man war against a small town sheriff, Flooding with Love for The Kid is in itself a one-man cinematic war. Shot entirely for $96 in a 220 square foot studio apartment in Manhattan, it was adapted, directed, filmed, acted, designed, and edited by one man: Zachary Oberzan. The film is a testament to the animal ingenuity and triumphant spirit of the lone artist with no money, no resources, no nothing. An action-filled drama, Flooding with Love for The Kid destroys all previous notions of low-budget filmmaking with a determination lifted from Rambo’s own infuriated rampage.

Oberzan is an original member of Nature Theater of Oklahoma, based in New York City. With Nature Theater, he has collaborated and performed in productions including Poetics: a ballet brut, the Obie-winning No Dice, and the one-man show, Rambo Solo. His latest theater/film work, Your brother. Remember? premiered at Brussel’s Kunstenfestivaldesart. Oberzan has also released two albums of original music, most recently Athletes of Romance. He has performed with the Wooster Group, Richard Foreman, and is currently collaborating with the Dutch group Kassys.