Narcissister Organ Player

In partnership with the Hollywood Theatre’s Feminist March programming, PICA co-presents the new documentary NARCISSISTER ORGAN…

Hollywood Theatre
Peter in the Cave of Light

Peter Simensky unearth

Peter Simensky unearth screening/sound/performance/event March 9, 2019 Doors at 7:30 PM PICA Annex – 15 NE…

PICA Annex
Outside the Frame

Outside the Frame: Short Films by Houseless Youth

In association with Abigail DeVille’s The American Future

Join PICA and Outside the Frame for a closing celebration of Abigail DeVille’s The American Future, as we co-present a free screening of short films by houseless youth, including the premiere of a new project. A panel discussion with participating youth filmmakers will follow. Light snacks will be served. This event is a public program affiliated with Abigail DeVille’s exhibition The American Future, on view at PICA through January 12, 2019….

Arresting Power

Arresting Power: Resisting Police Violence in Portland, OR

Screening + Conversation in association with Abigail DeVille's The American Future

In connection with Abigail DeVille’s exhibition The American Future, PICA presents a free screening of Arresting Power: Resisting Police Violence in Portland, Oregon (2014), co-directed by Julie Perini, Erin Yanke, and Jodi Darby. Documenting the history of conflict between the Portland police and community members over the past 50 years, the film features personal stories of resistance told by victims of police misconduct, the families of people who were killed by police, and members of Portland’s reform and abolition movements. Utilizing meditative footage taken at sites of police violence, experimental filmmaking techniques, and archival newsreel, Arresting Power creates a space for understanding the impacts of police violence and imagining a world without police….

ALTERNATE ENDINGS, ACTIVIST RISINGS for Visual AIDS Day With(out) Art 2018. Logo design by Nelson Santos


New Short Videos Commissioned by Visual AIDS

In honor of World AIDS Day 2018 and the 29th iteration of Visual AIDS’ Day With(out) Art, PICA presents ALTERNATE ENDINGS, ACTIVIST RISINGS, which highlights the impact of art in AIDS activism and advocacy today by commissioning compelling short videos from six inspiring community organizations and collectives—ACT UP NY, Positive Women’s Network, Sero Project, The SPOT, Tacoma Action Collective, and VOCAL NY. The program represents a wide range of organizational strategies, from direct action to grassroots service providers to nation-wide movement building, while considering the role of creative practices in activist responses to the ongoing AIDS crisis….

Still from DICTA I

9 Hours Away

Curated by Adela Demetja

9 Hours Away is an evening of video-art and text meant to create a connection and foster a conversation about similarities between the current socio-political situation in the US and Europe. The video screening will be enhanced by a poetical, critical and philosophical audio conversation between the curator Adela Demetja and the Portland based curator and writer Emily Henderson. …

PICA Annex
Alternative Endings, Radical Beginnings: Short Videos by Black Queer Artists Commissioned by Visual AIDS (NYC). World AIDS Day: Dec 1 2017 at PICA.


Curated by Vivian Crockett and Erin Christovale / Commissioned by Visual AIDS (NYC)

>7:00 PM Screening & Discussion, with introductions + responses by Roy Pérez and Omari Weekes (English…


Philip Glass and Robert Wilson

Monsters of Grace

We’re not giving you puzzles to solve… only pictures to hear you go to this opera…

PORTLAND’5: Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall


A special screening of Basquiat, a joint benefit for PICA and the NW Film Center….