It has been TEN YEARS since Kristy Edmunds convinced a small group of friends and a small town to open their hearts to the new and untried, the strange and the beautiful and the possibilities that lie in supporting the work of artists. She founded PICA in 1995 when she was 29 years old. Ten years later, with the circle of friends, artists, audiences in the thousands, and our town not-so-small or small-minded, it is time to move forward without her. As we send her off to her new home in Melbourne, Australia we want to remind her how she changed the creative landscape here, how she moved us, and most of all to thank her for making all of this inspired activity real.
If you had an inspired moment at PICA in an audience, on stage, in the resource room, at a lecture, in those famous DADA Ball port o’ potties, we want to hear about it. Tell us your stories and leave a note for Kristy wishing her well, thanking her for her words and her way.