PICA is about the activity generated by a community using its energy.
And so is this place- or this space that i am in right now. The PICA blog has existed for the past two years – mainly as a running record of the artists, performances and happenings during our Time-Based Art Festival. This year thanks to the wonders of Urban Honking we will move the blog over and out into a better brighter place. Pretty soon we will have over 20 artists and writers and photographers documenting the Festival but right now…
PICA is ten years old. We have a show up – like a timeline of sorts. It’s called LANDMARK.
Landmark is about the work generated by artists that have lived within, hobered above, existed in-between, landed on top of, catapulted out from, and left their mark on PICA and Portland. It is a look forward and back. It is the sum of parts, It is a history animated and static. It is a chronology of support and collaboration. It is about promoting the ideas and intensity of artists for over a decade.
The Landmark exhibition is open to the public W-S 12-6pm, it is 450 feet of wall and work on the third floor of a still delightfully raw warehouse space on 13th and Flanders. It is on the third floor.
The exhibition is FREE to members and a suggested donation of 2 bucks for everyone else. WE WILL NOT TURN ANYONE AWAY. So if you want to see the art. Then come visit us.
Every Saturday at 2pm Brad Adkins takes you and a can of paint for a walk, this cover version of the infamous Francis Alys performance is a long yellow streak down the spine of the pearl (and beyond)
LANDMARK is open until July 16th.