News from the UK hits TBA today like a heart-attack and the WW special section is now available on every street corner- MEOW.
Guy Dartnell is on his way to PDX for his one man show Travels with my Virginity the Guardian(UK) and the WW (PDX) share their views today
“a very pleasant 85 minutes…..He tells his story with such a lack of guile
that you get a pimples-and-all portrait of a self-obsessed callow youth, who
is, as he says with 25 years’ worth of hindsight, “so different from me, yet
so clearly me… This is a show about the panic of learning to be a grown-up, finding the balance between recklessness and timidity and discovering that things seldom turn out quite as you had
imagined they would.”
vs. Portland’s own Richard Speer from WW
“Think of it as Little Darlings, Continental-style, except without Tatum O’Neal and Kristy McNichol. A teenager, desperate to lose his virginity, hitchhikes across France, hoping to get picked up in as many ways as possible. Madcap adventures ensue, with loony-bin inmates and lounge-lizard kidnappers as roadblocks to successful defloration. Will our hero, Guy Dartnell, emerge from the melee with his wits intact but his cherry popped? “
Looks like Antony strikes again winning the coveted Mercury Prize beating out every Brit in the running. Antony says…I am completely overwhelmed,” “I think they must have made a mistake. I think that is insane.” “… trying to pick between such different nominees must have been like choosing between an “orange and a spaceship and a potted plant.”
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Kristan Kennedy