Over 6000 people crammed into Pioneer Square for Steb’s gravity defying performance. Where were you?
Physics met the physical as the company’s dancers slammed, slid and flew into each other. I could hear equal amount wow and owww emanating from the crowd . At some moments complete silence prevailed as dancers walked the rafters taking a swan dive into the mats far below.
Speaking of swans tonight was also Kristy Edmunds farewell party-her swan song was sweet – as we thanked her for ten years of extraordinary vision she reminded us it is and always will be the vision of artists that leads us all. So as we collide into the third annual TBA festival – let the artists guide us towards a better, grander, glowing future.
Fri Sept 9 is a night of firsts, from Guy Dartnell to DJ Spooky get ready set and go go go go go. Tickets 10-20 bucks info and more at 503-224-PICA
AND! AND! AND!-due to circumstances beyond our control opening night at the WORKS has had a ambush makeover, W+K Tokyo Lab will take the back seat to Fryk the Beat with the new line up featuring DJ Jayanta, Copy, DJ Hot Air Balloon, E*Rock + Y.A.C.H.T and DJ Spooky who closes the night with a super not so secret set. More info @ www.frykbeat.com
The action starts at 10 and goes way past your bedtime. Tickets at the door 5-10 bucks, 18th and NW Northrup
Kristan Kennedy