Posted by Amber Bell
Just in case you were wondering what you should be doing tonight, if you should go see Guy Dartnell. I went to his storytelling workshop this afternoon, and was inspired by his simple reminders of how to create an interesting story. To me, how to tell a good story = how to make a good life. According to Guy Dartnell, allow the positive to happen. If there’s a door in front of you, don’t allow it to be locked. Let it be open. Allow yourself to arrive and really be in the place where you are. Instead of landing in an airport, then flying off to the moon, land in the airport, and then find out what happens if you let yourself really be there. Don’t shut out the possibilities by manufacturing mechanisms to protect yourself. Don’t destroy what you create. Storytelling advice. Life advice. From Guy Dartnell. I haven’t seen his performance yet, but if his charisma and knowledge translate into his own work, it will be good.