Guy Dartnell
Travels with my Virginity
7:30pm 9/9/2005
posted by Gavin Shetter
In the tradition of the Spalding Grey monologue, Guy Dartnell weaves a personal tale of himself as a 19 year old, wannabe hippie on a quest to loose his virginity. He tells us of his adventures hitch hiking across France on a quest to find love and his manhood. His travels go awry right from the start with strange and even dangerous encounters with those who give him rides along the way.
Dartnell tells his story, clearly, and from an obviously experienced actor’s sense of timing and delivery. His story rings true, particularly to the male psyche that has experienced that sense of adolescent angst and bewilderment about the female creature and all her mysteries.
Dartnell delivers an enjoyable and entertaining story, yet, some how lacking in its engagement. It continually felt like he had complied a bunch of great party antidotes, yet wasn’t at the party. His delivery never quite totally immersed you in his world. There was a sense of shyness about the actor’s performance. Maybe Dartnell’s story telling would have found that extra punch if he would of had a few stiff drinks in him. But for something light, like an appetizer or a salad, Travels with my Virginity was just fine. I was hungry though…I wanted meat!