Swung by the Mostlandian Embassy yesterday. As it was apparently the holiday of Zahnpasta, they were officially closed, but luckily, the Jr. Ambassor Ice Cream was there and offered us ice cream! Choice of flavors? Maple & Bacon, Yam & Marshmellow, Milkshake ‘n French Fry, Strawberries and Ginger Snaps, and Emergen-C ice cream. There were full-size french fries in the milkshake ice cream. No one ordered bacon.
Each night the Mostlandian anthem will be played by a different musician/group. We asked the Jr. Ambassador about the score. “There has to be some kind of drone sound. There has to be clapping…oh, and a drum solo.”
We go back Monday to fill out the paperwork for passports. Oh, and to check out the rest of the services/bureaucratic departments for which we saw placards above the four service windows, including The What to Say Program, Holiday Planning and Approval Panel, High Fives!, and the Departments of Questionables and Great Ideas.
–Lisa Radon