As told by TBA:04 star volunteer turned star PICA Staffer Brian Costello:
Story #1
A young boy, 8 years old or so, sitting to the right of me watched STREB and as the cross beam went higher and higher and the performers kept “falling” off, the boy got more tense and nervous. As the beam raised slowly, the the kid blurted out, “THAT’S CRAZY! DON’T DO IT!” but remained transfixed and his mouth agape and his eyes shined with wonder as the performer gave into the law of gravity.
Story #2
Kristy told a story at the staff meeting today about how one of the square’s original bricklayers came up to her and said that he didn’t like coming to the square as much any more because it was often being used to showcase a new car or flower shows but tonight gave him hope. This was what the square was made for.
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