Oh, guys, my fist TBA 2005 experience was a good one. I showed up just in time for the beginnings of Guy Dartnell’s ‘Travels With My Virginity’ performance. And you know what? Despite being used to the jams of the portland performance circuit, complete with A/V clubs and dance moves, this piece was a hugely refreshing look at time based arts, for me.
Guy told the tale of his hitchhiking trip in 1978 through France, with the ultimate aim of losing his virginity, at 19, to a French woman he’d changed his mind about. But of course it is not about what happens at the end, or the aim of the trip, but everything that happens on the way. And Guy examined it throughly on stage with nothing more than himself, a chair and whatever he could fit in his pockets.
He brought to life the edge-of-maturity mindset of a 19 year old boy, the longing to accomplish great feats, the bordering urge between imagination and the facts of life, where we let the fantasy of childhood drop and slowly bite down on the existence of duty and responsibility. Though his goal was a primal and obvious one, the insight and lessons-learned were veiled nicely in a good sense of humor as well as selections from a Jim Morrison book and lots of Neil Young on the PA.
I’m glad to have seen this more stripped-bare type of performance, and though Dartnell’s formal training shines through with the exactness of his speech and the good placement of lighting and songs, the production was overshadowed by Guy’s friendly way of storytelling. One would think, in the cozy theatre, that we all knew him, and he was relating some story to us on the spur of the moment. It was a very personal and accomplished presence.
That is really all I have to say, in 10 minutes or less, about this piece. Rad.
Krystal R. South, Rather Slow TBA Blogger.