ivana müller – how heavy are my thoughts
posted by laura becker
i’ll admit it. i wanted to see ivana muller because she was on the cover. she just looks out, with her head on the scale, with innocent eyes and dark circles, a cross between bjork and a german lee krasner. and, as if to punish our superficial desires, tba never showed us to her in person. a lecturer sits before us with dissappointing news that we only have her documents that she left behind to examine her theories of the connection between thought and weight.
having just come out of the performance, I only have “light thoughts” to share. I may need more time before I have heavy ones.
My light thoughts:

This is the second time in a row that I’ve heard jim morrison in the winningstad

Guy Dartnell’s british accent is the suave, ezzie izzard kind, but Bill Aitchison’s accent is the PBS british accent.

My sister just had a functioning MRI, but not for an art project (hmmm…maybe that’s a heavy thought)

TBA feels like camp.

I think they played around with the chonological order of things.

I don’t think this post “can quantify this metaphor”