Hans Weigland: Jerry Cotton: The Portland Episodes Saturday September 10 2005 6pm
“It’s funny ‘cause it’s German”
Catie O’Keefe
I like that when it switches back to English the subtitles still read in English. I guess that’s good because the lack of mics made it hard to hear some of the scenes in public places. But I find myself still reading along even when I can hear the English. I even read the subtitles despite the fact that I speak German. What the heck . . .I basically read that whole dang movie.
Still it was enjoyable. Strange, funny at times, dark and hard to hear at others, and very Deutsche. Es war so Lustig!!!! I will not type the rest of this in German like I’m tempted to because unfortunately my German spelling is worse than my English. The point of this blog . . . .Good movie! Refreshing and quirky. A fun break from reality on a Saturday afternoon.