Locust: Convenience Sunday September 11, 2005
I’ve never seen a guy take so long to get his pants off- Locust
Catie O’Keefe
Loved it!!! It was like a delicate mix of the every day harsh reality of life, those strange dreams you have right before you wake up and Saturday Night Live with beat boxing. Halleluiah. It was great! At first I thought the film in the background was going to be too distracting and pointless but this was before I realized it was a live feed from the green room as which point I almost squealed with delight.
The Velcro music shoes were awesome, the foot operated recording device was genius and the commercials were priceless. It was as if someone made a blended creamy delight of dance, modern art, comedy and music. Plus it was an amazing piece to photograph.

The dance itself was spastic and almost too chaotic at times but still obviously carefully choreographed. The duets between the two females showed a more violent and aggressive side to the dance. They depended on each other though they seemed to fight and throw their limbs angrily at one another. The male duets where more mechanical and stiff in their movements, making their contact look very deliberate compared to the females. My favorite part of the dance was when the woman dancing in the roller-skates takes one of them off and proceeds to gracefully switch from bare foot to roller-skate and vice versa as if it where nothing more than a ballet slipper.
I also enjoyed the man dancing on and around the bed on the screen. It reminded me of a scene in The Rules of Attraction and makes be believe (and secretly hope) that guys really do dance around in their all-togethers to music when no one is watching. That’s such a satisfying thought. However, I gotta point out that the amount of time it took one of the male dancers on the screen to get his pants off was impressive. I’m not sure what the symbolism in comparing the speed of pants coming off to gender is, but I’m sure someone somewhere will have an insightful though about it.
Towards the end the images of the dancers trapped in boxes became a beautiful spectacle that I found myself relating to. As corny as that might sound it’s true. The girl who dances after everyone else has stopped because she is so wrapped up in her own box, so to speak, reminds me of many people I know including myself. Some times we need to have someone else pull us out of our own patterns; or at least shoot a dart into our necks.
By the end I appreciated all of the different art forms that were involved. I felt it was just the right amount of choreography mixed in with as many other creative art forms as one might imagine.