Posted by Levi Hanes
Reasons I hate Alberta:
I am an idiot and did not look at the address for Pinkk/Laura Curry. I ride a “firm” bicycle that abuses my manhood. Alberta is nowhere near where I live or the rest of T.B.A. shows or where I work. I showed up at the gallery after viewing Bruce McClure’s films and missing my favorite nationalist, absurdist, bureaucratic office Department of Homeland Security, eh, the M.O.S.T. [again, sorry guys I will get over to your office soon] only to find the Office with none of the Pinkk/Laura Curry deal-ly up for view. And I nearly missed happy hour at Beuhlahland.

The kind lady running the shop was glad to fill me in on the situation; the art up (not associated with T.B.A.) would come down and the artist was busy collecting information at Nordstroms and other downtown locations. A video camera was positioned in the window collecting images including my wandering up and down Alberta on my bike looking for the shop.
Aside from my potential debut movie fame, other positive notes include the wonderful ride through old rich neighborhoods along NE 21st. Most notable is the monster house painted the University of Oregon colors. That house is a thing to see: amazing burning yellow with emerald green trim that must drive the neighbors nuts. Oh and the show will be up on Friday with a live performance.
[I should qualify that this is an old blog from Friday Sept. 9th and apparantly there is stuff up now at the Alberta location.]