Photos / Post by Patrick Sullivan
I loved this performance. At first I thought he was just some strange guest on coke. Who is this bizarre guy with a drum stick taped to his forehead singing Lionel Richie songs? It was only 2/3 of the way through his performance that someone handed my a copy of the script / summarization of the story.
Anyway, I don’t expect anything to top Neal’s unicorn fellatio surprise at this year’s TBA. I hope he’s back next year.
I liked him so much I googled his ass and found this interview which is a good summary. OK, I admit it, I didn’t read the whole thing, but it has good bites like:
He believes in “people doing things because they want, need to do them … and not waiting until they know how to do them properly.” If he spent too much time between conception and execution, he adds, he would never get around to getting onstage. Besides, he says, “sloppiness is my palette.”
Sloppiness is my palette, too.