If you haven’t been going to The Works after hours you’ve been missing out on half the PICA experience. Every night there are several shows, great food from a swanky area chef, and a hip crowd for post-show mingling. At $10 a pop it’s a little pricey if you aren’t a member, but I think of it as a super-club, a little like if the Doug Fir and clarklewis had a baby. And just think, it will all be gone next week! The Works is the best place to decompress after shows, make friends with fellow TBA heads, and chat up the artists. It’s the live version of this blog, so get there!
One note: There isn’t any water to be found for free. I forgot my wallet and was parched, but the bartender had nothing. There should be small cups and a cooler, because we just can’t live on Vodka alone.