posted by Amber Bell
I went to The Works to see Tracy + the Plastics. I had to work hard to see Tracy or the Plastics. It was crowded and challenging to peer through the forest of the audience. On stage, there was a cosy set-up, complete with the backseat from some van. The screen showed Nikki and Cola slouched on seats, rolling their eyes, wearing hip sunglasses, arguing with each other in classic road trip style. Tracy was curled up on her own seat, singing and conversing with her on-screen bandmates. I wish I could have watched from the front seat.
“Why did you come here?” Wynne tentatively asked at some point. “I think I’m asking the people that aren’t answering.” She then broke into acapella song, eventually handing off the microphone to Anna Oxygen-”You have to treat your space with more love, you have to treat your liver with more love….”It was the real sweet deal. It was the road trip I wanted to be on.