posted by Amber Bell
At the Mostlandian Embassy, I filed a Love and Friendship index form. I circled numbers from 1 to 10 (sometimes -10 to 0) indicating status of emotional states such as “surrounded by friends,” “puppy love,” and “broken heart.” I dutifully filled out my form, but I realize now I need to make some changes. I have a crush on the Mostlandian Embassy.

At the Mostlandian Embassy, everything is in order. Charts on the wall map out the services provided by the embassy. Informational pamphlets and maps are available. The High Fives! counter is clearly labeled, as is the Department of Approval and the What to Say Program. The Mostlandian Embassy offers more abundant and more useful services than your average post office. And I love the post office. If the Mostlandian Embassy gives any indication of what Mostlandia itself is like, the country must be an extremely gracious and engaging place to be.