posted by laura becker
“that’s how all dramas end-
with some kind of sweating
some kind of kissing
some kind of dance”

after hearing greg and gary at yesterday’s noon time chat describe how sledgehammer songs was different than last year’s piece, i was confused by some of the similarities when the performance started last night. i guess i just didn’t realize they were still examining “wohtar” and still trying to make clouds. i was surprised when we got to corberry press last night and there gary and greg were on opposite corners of the intersection, gary calling out poetic instructions with a lilting tune coming out of his cart-on-wheels of belongings, and greg dancing in a circle around his cart, seemingly following what he was hearing. the two were once again in endless layers of clothing and once again outside for every knowing and unknowing passerby to see, and they had been out there for about an hour and a half. the crowd milling about each corner started to creep through the door, and after the hectic stand-in-this-line-if-this-go-over-there-if-that check-in process, we entered the stage area where chairs were set up in a few large rings. we were told to hold tight for 15 minutes while the performance continued outside. while i was a little bummed feeling like i was waiting for something and missing something at the same time, i resigned myself to the anticipation knowing i still had another two hours two bask in lone twin’s presence.
the simile that formed in my head watching lone twin last night was that greg and gary are like rosencrantz and guildenstern and i/the audience am hamlet. i have heavy things on my mind, i feel like i’m not getting anywhere, and i can’t always understand what these crazy guys are doing and saying, but i love them. they’ve felt like old friends since the moment i met them and understanding them requires more than anything else a process of osmosis. you just need to absorb it all and be willing to sink into it. i watched others in the audience a lot last night and noticed so many expressions of reluctant glee. you could tell that some of them just did not know what was going on, but they couldn’t help themselves from enjoying it. slowly and surely they figured some of the clues, perhaps just enough, and got used to the routine of abbreviated memory, appropriated tradition, and accents of cultural reference.
experiencing lone twin last year gave me the feelings of having a crush on a new friend. i was enveloped by their charm and their poignant grasp of their material, and of all the characters introduced to us from their recent and past journeys. this year felt like getting to the next stage with that new friend, and things got volatile. there was yelling, there was sadness, there was gary’s masturbatory (and kind of hot) gesture of knocking down the long grass and breaking up the cat tails, and there was bother indeed. but there were also laughs, there was silliness, there was freestyle disco-ing, there were blessings, and in the end – as we all watched and had wished (some of us since last year) – there was a cloud.