Brontosaurus-Sized Bone To Pick, But Anyway
…or DADA does not equal Surrealism
I know there is no such thing as a Brontosaurus, but I think it’s a damn shame that the symbol, in my youth, of very most giganticness was a figure of faulty science. In fact, what was thought to be a Brontosaurus was actually the combined remains of two other dinosaurs (a Camarasaurus and an Apatosaurus, if you are interested).
So it is, Mr. Marsh, with tonight’s long-anticipated DADA Ball. As a fanatical appreciator of (very nearly) all things DADA, or at least their intent, it makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck to read that every communique about the ball references the surreal, surrealism, etc. L’un n’est pas l’autre. Let us not confuse our Dali’s and Cocteau’s with our Arp’s and Tzara’s. Let us not confuse the sincere play of DADA with the subconscious plumbing of Surrealism.
If you let go of them…relax your hold on them…your two eyes will begin to cross, just slightly so that things first go out of focus, then double. If you let go of them…relax your hold on them…you can allow your ears, your hearing to go out of focus, sounds will cross and blur (we call it “crossing your ears”…try it in a room crowded with conversation some time). For tonight, I will pretend that my hold on these two avant-garde movements is loosened, I will relax my hold on them, let them go out of focus, let them cross.
Then I can put down the Brontosaurus bone I’ve been carrying and have a Ball.