Posted by Levi Hanes
“Mycenaean” is a work in progress. For the most part that forgives technological glitches such as malfunctioning mics, video, uneven sound levels on the soundtrack often overwhelming the dialogue, and script reading. When the mics did break and the screen projectors stopped flashing black and white images of statues and stone corridors the script really had a chance to shine through. This piece deserves to be a play that isn’t distracted by its set.

The staging felt forced with hand movements and pacing appearing irrelevant. There were some quality moments such as the beginning of a waking-dreamer’s dream enacted by a woman laying on her back atop a table, her head flung over the side and facing the audience as though she were floating in the water of her description. Carl Hancock Rux’s warrior character had strong monologues tying the productions theme of ancient wars and current situations.
Rux presented fitting analogies between the ancient Mediterranean city and our current overreaching empire, but if I hear the word “geo-political” one more time I will do something, I don’t know, dramatic.
The premise of “waking dreamers,” the scientists that study them, and the world that watches them (channeled through a talk radio/t.v. mediator [do radio hosts pace around their guests as this one did?]) is fine if a little dating, but it’s how a piece is worked that matters and Rux has his moments. The strongest part of the show is the words and may translate to the stage, but as it stands the production is too oversaturated with technology that muddles the presentation which may be a fitting statement in itself if it wasn’t so annoying. Either the tech aspect of the production should really break down the structures of the show or it should be pulled to the background and let the words which Rux crafted so well take care of the business at hand.