Posted by Rob McMahon
Visually stunning, Rosanna Gamson’s Aura plays one last time at the Newmark Theater tonight at 9:00pm. The dance-theater piece is a surrealistic, post modern, carnival of eye candy. Based on the 1960′s gothic novella by Carlos Fuentes, the piece follows the story of Filipe, a young translator, hired by an aging widow to edit her husband’s memoirs. The widow’s house bizarrely warps time and space, and Filipe finds himself confused, lost and seeking escape through connection with the widow’s niece Aura, who in the end is merely a projection of the old woman.

It is amazing how well the companies convey this strange mood. The three characters are played at varying times by different dancers which allows for images of bilocation. The characters teleport about the stage. At times it is almost a magic show as a man goes under a sheet and comes out a woman. This is not even the half of it. There are images best left a surprise, best left to the eyes. Well worth the price of admission and with plenty of seats (if last nights house was an accurate indication), Aura will bend your conception of what can be done by bodies and fabric on a stage. Don’t miss it.