Reports from visitors to Kristy Edmunds’ first Melbourne International Arts Festivalare floating in- Sam Adams has been over there studying the importance of a city supporting the arts, Portland artist Justin Harris (also from Menomena) is over there presenting his Late Great Libido Opera, Cris Moss and MK Guth are driving the crowds mad with Red Shoe Delivery Service and several TBA Alums, Lone Twin, Guy Dartnell, Diamanda Galas to name a few have taken the stages of PICA’s “sister” festival by storm. Here are a few pics (special thanks to Dorie Vollum). In the coming weeks expect some musings on Melbourne from TBA co-curator Erin Boberg – also Sam Adams has been posting on his blog
Justin Harris
Justin in Melbourne
Chris Moss of Red Shoe Foozing
Cris Moss of Red Shoe
Gary and the Boat
Gary from Lone Twin in awe of Melbourne’s marketing budget?
Melbourne Skyline
The Melbourne Skyline