Ryan McGinness landed in PDX mere moments ago. Exhausted from his cross country jaunt, and surviving the glorious crossfire of two solo exhibitions which opening within days of each other – he was still a lovely guest in the PICAmobile as we drove him across the steel bridge into downtown. In classic Portland form the clouds and blue pushed against the grey and rain creating one giant mash of weather defying meteorological categorization.
Lets hope he gets some rest before his talk tomorrow which is sure to stir up some conversation about the blurry line where art and design intersect and collide. McGinness’ candy colored “multiverses” of layered and loaded symbols and swirls, beg us to erase the line entirely and just let them exist. Like the clouds, and the sun and the raindrops and all that- all at once beautifully together.
Ryan McGinness / instalationview
Ryan McGinesss, installationview / Deitch Projects/ Photo by Jon Pannier
The lecture is at 7pm at PICA / Tickets are available at the door / more info at PICA.org