Metamix for Red76

photo credit: Serena Davidson The other day at Corberry Press, I picked up a pamphlet promoting… Continue Reading

leftovers, interrupted

posted by laurabecker it’s been really hard for me to post about my final tba experiences,… Continue Reading

Totally Nude

Neal Medlyn, Totally Nude There was a rumor going around that Neal Medlyn might take his… Continue Reading

Last of it

photo credit: Serena Davidson photo credit: Serena Davidson After a long TBA coma I have begun… Continue Reading

10 days on the Adkins Diet

Sept. 7 Brad Adkins pens letter to Mr. T. A. Witcher of Brownwood, Texas: “Dear sir,… Continue Reading


Today was a light T:BA day. But, even though I only went to see one show;… Continue Reading

Dull Bling

I like dick jokes as much as the next guy. I also enjoy Ceech and Chong… Continue Reading


Yesterday was an amazing T:BA day! By 8pm, I was glowing. By 10pm I was oozing… Continue Reading

Distance and drawings

I’ll admit, I was intimidated by the idea of having my portrait done by someone 500… Continue Reading

human weeds

Weird lumps of plant are jumping out of the windows at Disjecta. A white car peels… Continue Reading


From the Desk of the Chair We’re well-along into T:BA:06 and I felt an inner urging… Continue Reading


I have been having a hard time focusing. I don’t think I have slept in days… Continue Reading

Afternoons with Brad

9/11/06 Dear Diary, Today I met the coolest guy. His name is Brad and he’s really… Continue Reading

Nature Theater of Oklahoma

Nature Theater of Oklahoma Poetics: a ballet brut “Everything is divisible by six,” Pavol Liska explained… Continue Reading


Today was a great day for T:BA! Thank you PICA!!! Jennifer Monson / iLand at Disjecta… Continue Reading

Brad Adkins Shows Up

Posted by Anna Simon Today the rain threw everything a little off. Brad got wet on… Continue Reading

The Works

Great job on this year’s Works PICA! It is a great improvement to last year’s space…. Continue Reading

Dear David

Dear David, I wanted to reflect back to you a few snippets from your opening night… Continue Reading

A few graceful moments

On a sparsely set stage, five readers share Spalding Grey’s stories from notebooks. I’d never heard… Continue Reading


Sitting in the Whitsell Auditorium this evening, I was given a moment to reflect. The film… Continue Reading