Dearest Blog,
I have forsaken you. It is a crying shame that I have not written down every little thing that has transpired in recent months. There was the Lecture Series at PSU, there was
Pablo Helguera and his School of Panamerican Unrest, there was that trip to Chicago for the Contemporary Art Centers Convening, there was the Dance Lab, there was the NWNW Festival at On the Boards, there was Matthew Day Jackson’s residency , the PICA Birthday Party, the TADA Gala and the recent PICA BBQ. I am sure I am forgetting important nuggets of activity, contemplation and wonder. And so it is my promise to you that in coming weeks I will update you like you have never been updated. We need to get back into it you and I, TBA 06 is on its way (in fact the catalog hits the streets next week!) and the PICA Press Corp will be taking over soon, come to think of it – we may never be alone again!
Hold tight dear blog, I won’t be long.
And just in case anyone out there has some sort of record of PICA’s recent activities, and you want your words or pictures to grace this space. Send me your entries and I will do my best to post them right quick.
Yours in thought and deed,
Kristan Kennedy