I think I remember hearing my grandfather (God rest his soul) talk about having seen Kiki and Herb perform at the Coconut Club in Guam, back when he was stationed there in the late fifties. Of course I could be wrong. Gramps was a bit of a mumbler and one hell of a storyteller. Still, the silk hanky monogrammed with a florid “K,” that he carried in his back pocket until his death, raises some questions… To say the least.
At any rate, the legendary duo are still alive and kicking, despite the promise they made to die after their performance at Carnegie Hall. Presently, Kiki and Herb are performing on Broadway. The show, “Kiki and Herb: Alive on Broadway,” received a fawning review in yesterday’s edition of a little cultural rag called the New York Times. On the NYT website you can read the review and watch an audio slide show, narrated by the amazing Kiki herself.
The wearily glimmering musical pair will be performing their Broadway show until Sept. 10th, after which, they will make their way to Portland to perform for a breathless TBA crowd. No wonder they’re tired. I must say, though, after reading the NYT article, it sounds as if the show will be nothing less than brilliant.
Posted by P.A. Coleman